Considered by many magicians to be the definitive introduction to card magic, The Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue was first published by Faber & Faber in 1949.

A progressive introduction to card magic, each chapter describes a new sleight or principle and concludes with a series of effects which make use of the particular technique.

Contents Edit

  • Chapter I:
    • Topsy Turvy Cards - one half of a deck is placed face to face with the other half. At the magician's whim, the cards right themselves and all face the same direction.
    • Poker Player's Picnic - a shuffled deck is taken by a spectator and cut into four piles. The spectator turns over the top card of each packet and discovers that he has cut to the four aces.
    • A Pocket Discovery - a card is selected by a spectator, noted and replaced in the deck. The deck is shuffled and then placed in the spectator's pocket. A number is chosen and the magician proceeds to draw cards from the pocket, producing the chosen card at the selected number.
    • Telepathy Plus - a spectator mentally selects a card. The magician shuffles the deck and announces that he has arranged the deck in a way that will prove he discerned the selection. The spectator then deals down to the value of the chosen card where it is found to lie, much to the surprise of the spectator.
    • Thought Stealer - same effect as Telepathy Plus; different method.
    • Pinkie Does It - a spectator freely selects a card, notes it and returns it to the deck. The deck is shuffled. The magician, holding the deck in his left hand, causes the chosen card to rise from the deck and cling to the right index finger. The card is shown to have risen from the centre of the deck and the spectator is allowed to remove it.
    • A Card and a Number - the magician divines a number merely thought of and uses it to find a chosen card.

  • Chapter II:
    • An Instinct for Cards
    • Mirror of the Mind
    • Ultra Card Divination

  • Chapter IV:
    • Design for Laughter - a card is selected and lost in the deck. A spectator cuts the deck into three piles. The magician removes the three face cards and places them in a row on the table; the spectators notice that one of them is the selected card, and think that the operator has made a mistake. However, the magician then finds the chosen card at a freely chosen position in the pack and the three cards are revealed to be indifferent ones.
    • Observation Test

  • Chapter V:
    • Gray's Spelling Trick
    • Round and Round

  • Chapter VI:
    • Do as I Do;
    • The Three Piles
    • The 26th Card
    • A Meeting of the Minds
    • The Non-Poker Voice
    • Intution with Cards
    • Sliding Key Card

  • Chapter VII:
    • Card in the Pocket
    • Now You See It!
    • Grab Bag Card
    • Good-Luck Card
    • Do It and Fail
    • Gathering of the Clan
    • Spring Catch
    • A Vested Interest
    • Piano Trick

  • Chapter VIII:
    • Lightning Card;
    • The Tantalizer;
    • Under Your Hat

  • Chapter IX:
    • The Sevens;
    • Obliging Aces;
    • Leapfrog;
    • Spectator's Card Trick;
    • A Poker Puzzle

  • Chapter X:
    • An Incomprehensible Divination;
    • Circus Card Trick;
    • Black Jack, Detective

  • Chapter XI:
    • Rapid Transit;
    • The Trey;
    • Ambitious Card;
    • Throughth and Consequences;
    • Insidious Dr. Fu Liu Tu

  • Chapter XII:
    • Off Agin, On Agin, Finnegin!;
    • Kangaroo Card;
    • Righting a Wrong;
    • Blindfolded Pack;
    • Double Speller

  • Chapter XIV:
    • Spellbound
    • A Tipsy Trick
    • Double Reverse
    • Mentalivity
    • Mountebank Miracle

  • Chapter XV:
    • All Change Here
    • Ewephindit

  • Chapter XVIII:
    • The Selective Touch
    • A Future in Cards
    • Jacks Wild
    • Think Stop
    • Deal Away
    • The Educated Cards
    • Reds and Blacks

  • Chapter XIX:
    • Routining Card Tricks
    • A Table Routine
    • A Rollicking Routine
    • Card-Discovery Routine
    • Razzle-Dazzle Routine

  • Chapter XX:
    • Conus Ace Trick - the four aces are transformed in a spectator's hands into four indifferent cards, before the aces are finally found in one of his pockets.
    • Ladies' Looking Glass
    • Everywhere and Nowhere
    • Egyptian Pocket
    • Cards to the Pocket
    • Enlarging and Diminishing Cards
    • Three Cards Across
    • Everybody's Card, I
    • Everybody's Card, II

Books by the same authors Edit

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  • Triple Classic: Cards - Coins - Mental
  • Hugards Magic Monthly

Similar Works Edit

  • Card College by Roberto Giobbi
  • Close Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne

Publishing Information Edit

First published in 1949 by Faber and Faber Limited, 3 Queen Square London, W.C.1.

Subsequently republished in 1952, 1954, 1960, 1965, 1968, 1973, and 1975.

ISBN: 0 571 06389 6

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