Effect Edit

The four aces are transformed in a spectator's hands into four indifferent cards, before the aces are finally found in one of his pockets.

In Print Edit

  • Tour d'As escamotés sous la main d'une personne suivi de la multiplication - Jean Nicolas Ponsin, Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée (1853) p.108
  • The Four Aces - Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Les Secrets De La Prestidigitation Et De La Magie (1868)
  • Conus' Aces - Harlan Tarbell, The Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 5 (1927) p.114
  • The Conus Aces, A New Version - Jean Hugard, More Card Manipulations (1938) p.23
  • Conus Ace Trick - Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue, The Royal Road To Card Magic (1951) p.249
  • The Conus Aces - Stephen Minch, Ultra Cervon (1990) p.37
  • The Conus Aces - Michael Skinner, Classic Sampler (1996) p.6

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